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We welcome you to the southest spot in Europe.
The brilliant island of Rhodes will host a U.G.F.W.S. qualifier event.

The "Rhodes GranFondo Tour" gives to the participants and their families (and escorts), the chance to enjoy both the Aegean countryside taking, at the same time, part to a high level cycling event, next to the sea. The organization arrange to offer only packages (accommodation and registration) in ,4* and 5* hotels in ALL INCLUSIVE base in a special price (See Packages). A perfect combination for vacation with cycling participation!


Regarding the Road Races events an individual timekeeping chip will be available. 2nd stage the official timekeeping will close 1 hour after the finish of the first rider. Despite to the 3rd stage which the timekeeping will close 1.5 hour after the first finishing rider. Riders arriving after this time will not be ranked.

The age groups are as following both for women and men: 19-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65+. The starting position will depend on the following parameters:

  1. Priority will be given to the 2016 participants in the World Final and their final ranking.
  2. The earliest enrolments in the race will be taken into consideration for priority.

Envelope Delivery & Race Numbers

Inside this envelope you will find: the number of the back and the sticker on the helmet (left to cycling shirt). Race book, individual gifts, the chip on the bike.
Note: Attention in case of chip loss charged the cost of €35.
The distribution of technical documentation will be made to those with the proof of payment of the registration, the official hotel of the games RACE HOTEL: MITSIS GRAND HOTEL located 500m. From the start-finish area, the Cretan(Akti Miaouli 1). The envelopes will be given in the following days and times:
• Thursday, April 20: 16:00 to 20:00 p.m.
• Friday, April 21: 9:00 to 10:00 a.m & 19:00 to 20:00 p.m
• Saturday, April 22: 09: 00-10: 00 a.m
For groups it is possible to pick up an agent envelopes, having brought with them the affidavits of other participants.

MERCHANDISING: There will be available, cycling kit (jersey & short) of the UCI Rhodes Grafondo Tour and shocks with the logo of the race. For order you can contact to the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Feeding Zone

The organizers will provide to the 2nd stage with one feeding zone and they will provide two feeding zones for the 3rd stage. The competitors in these zones will have all the necessary energy bars and drinks, fresh and dried fruit. In the finish area, there will be also a zone with food and drinks for the participants.

Qualifying for the Worlds Amateur Championship

UCI Rhodes Granfondo Tour it is the unique qualifier event to the UGFWS calendar which gives to the participants the opportunity to achieve their qualification to the World Amateurs Championship (Albi-France 24-27/8/2017), in 4 different ways. More specifically:

1. The first 25% of the ITT from each age category.

2. The first 25% of the 1st Stage for each age category.

3. The first 25% of the 2nd Stage for each age category.

4. The first 25% of the General classification for each age category.

It is not obligatory for a participant to start all 3 races. They can choose whichever is more to their capacity! Of course in this case they lose their chance to qualify through the General classification.

WILD CARDS: The organizer will make available 10 wild cards for those participants who a) had a aknowlegded accident during the races (fall or bike damage) b) support the Greek event every year.

Type of Races

The ''UCI Rhodes Granfondo Tour'' consists of 3 different races as below:

  1. 1st Stage
  2. Date: Friday 21st  April
  3. Distance: 95km
  4. Start time: 14:00  A pre start of 3km.will be happen
  5. Start-finish area: Central Municipality square
  1.  2nd Stage
  2. Date: Saturday 22nd April
  3. Distance: 113km.
  4. Start time: 14:00 A pre start of 3km.will be happen
  5. Start-finish area: Central Municipality square
  1. Individual Time Trial
  2. Date: Sunday 23rd April
  3. Distance: 20.5km.
  4. Start time: 09:00
  5. Start-finish area: Central Municipality square

*Notice 1:The participants will be placed in groups and the will cover the distance past the start-finish area twice. Therefore, they are obliged to follow the signal of the judge. (10km X 2).

*Notice 2: According to the UCI regulations special bikes and equipment for ITT race are accepted.

  1. Rhodes Granfondo Experience TT
  2. Date: Sunday 23rd April
  3. Distance: 10.2 km
  4. Start time: 12:00 approx.(last group)
  5. Start-finish area: Central Municipality square


The organization committee will award the 3 first winners of each race category in every stage with medals and jerseys for the winners. Additionally, will be a special award ceremony to the first 3 riders Final General classification, both in the women and men categories. Finally, medals will be given to the participants who finished to the 25% of their age category. The leader will be wearing the winner jersey.

Entry Fee

Organizing Committee will provide 5-7-10 & 14 days packages in ALL INCLUSIVE base to the participants in a very low cost in order to enjoy vacation with participation with their families and friends, in a high level destination.
The entry fee addtionally includes:

  • Third part insurance
  • Feeding zones
  • Gift
  • Medical safety
  • Back bag
  • Safety and medical assistance
  • Technical assistance
  • Timekeeping


* For sea transportation we are trying to gain a reduction up to 50% of the regular price for passengers and their vehicles.
* 5% discount in cycling groups of 12 riders or more.

* Τhere is full refund until for cancellation until January 20th.There is 50% refund for cancellation from January 21st until March 20th. There is 20% refund for cancellation from March 21st until April 14th. There is no refund 6 days prior of the event. (Concerning registration + accommodation costs).

For a participant to pass his number to another participant is prohibited. In that case the rider gets disqualified.
* 15% penalty for registrations after 31 of March.
* 25% penalty for registrations after 15 of April.

Payment is possible by Credit card, Pay Pal or bank transfer. The registration is validated after the payment is confirmed.

For more details considaring the bank transfers go to:''Packages''


Enrollment without 25% penalty until April 14th. Possibility for registrations until one day before the race, by sending the downloaded from our website application form, along with an attached invoice of payment.

Race Hotel: MITSIS GRAND HOTEL (Kritika area, Akti Miaouli 1) 500m. far away from Start-Finish Area